Uses of Vectorise Image

Things to do with Vectorise Images

What are the things you can do with Vectorise Images but cannot do with Raster Images? First we should know the key features of Vector Image and then we will find out its beneficial uses.

Vector Images are very sharp, blur free and does not pixelate. This property of Vector Image makes it distinct from Raster Images.

This is because of Vectorise Images are not made up tiny small boxes closely packed together on a grid called pixels. Instead they use geometrical figures in representation of Computer Graphics, which can store multiple attributes like thickness, color, fill and etc. Each shape used has its fixed position on x and y-axes thus creating a separate mathematical equation for each shape used in the image. It enables it to be resized to any size without being pixelated, blur, or losing the smoothness of image. Raster Images, becomes blurry, pixelated and show a very unpleasant edgy texture of curved shape object in the image when zoomed.

Uses of Vectorise Image

Lets now find out the possible uses of Vector Images.

Vector Format Images can be used in geographical mapping

The Image below tells you everything you need to know about this use, but for better interpretation of the image according to the title, let me elaborate. In Archeology, Geography, Mechanics, and other sensitive work fields, we need a very sharp image which can be resized and is blur free.

Vector Art Detailed

Vectorise Images can be used to create HD Digital Art

The image quality of vector format images enables us to create high quality digital art. We can create a very sharp and detailed Digital Art like Animated Cartoons having realistic facial features. Quality of Vectorise Images is much higher than Raster Images.

Vectorise Image Harry Potter

Vector Art can be used in Screen Printing

The quality of resizing of Vector Image is very essential for its use in screen printing. For instance, you may need a different size of Image for key chains and mugs. Using a Raster Image will ruin the quality of Screen Print upon resizing.

These were the key uses of Vectorise Image. Hope you would want to get your logo or any design in Vector Format. Get it done with with the best quality and lowest quotes. Register for free to place your order.


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