Advantages of Vector File Over Raster File

Why is Vector File preferred over Raster File?

You might have a question that why do people recommend to keep Digital Art Files in Vector File Format? There are many reasons for that. Raster File Images are not recommended for creating Logo and other Sharp and High Quality Digital Art. This is because in Vector Files, each and every shape, object etc. have its fixed position on x-axes and y-axes and own attributes like color, thickness, fill and etc. It enables you to create a sharp and detailed Digital Art.Wild-and-Roaring-Hulk-Vector File

Some of the major advantages of Vector File:

  1. Vector Art does not get Blur upon resizing
  2. Vector File can also create 3D Digital Art
  3. Edges and corners of Vector File does not Pixelate upon being zoomed or compressed
  4. Vector Logo can be used in Screen Printing and other promotional stuff
  5. Vector Files can contain much more details and features in digital art then raster format images

You can create an image with many details in Vector File Format as they are resolution independent. Significantly because every dot in VectorImage has its own fixed position and attributes. This makes them blur free upon compression or magnification. You can add immense details in Vector File as it is not created by pixels. It will not pixelate as compared to other raster images. Another reason for preferring Vector Image over Raster Imageis that you can use it in CAD related function of screen printing. It is often used by companies for printing their logo on promotional stuff like Mugs, T-Shirts, Company Uniform, Clocks, and etc. You can resize your logo in any wanted size suitable for the stuff you want to print your logo without losing even a very minor detail or quality of Vector File.

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