Vector Art and its Advantages

OVERVIEW of Vector Art

Vector Art is the most commonly used type of graphic design nowadays because of its versatility. Before knowing its advantages, we should take a short and quick overview of what exactlyis it.

Vector Art or Vector Graphics use Polygons in their representation of images in Computer Graphics. Each and every point in Vector Images has its fixed value on x-axes and y-axes and you can also assign various and different attributes to each point like color, fill, thickness and etc.

In this article we will learn the key advantages of Vector Art.

Advantages of Vector Art

Vector Format Images does not pixelate

The biggest advantage of Vector Image is that upon the utmost magnification or compression, they do not become blurry. Sharpness of image is not lost no matter how much you compress or magnify the image. This is due to its property of having fixed position of points on x and y axes. Each dot has its own equation and thus becomes resolution independent. Raster Images are made up of pixels and upon compression and magnification they become blur, lose details and Sharpness.

Raster-vs-Vector ArtVector Images can be immensely detailed

Vector Image is very helpful when it comes to High Quality and Detailed Pictures. As we know that every point has its own attributes like thickness and color with fixed position in the respective axes, so the Vector Graphics can store immense details without being pixelated upon resizing. It has helped Geographers, Astronomers, Engineers and etc. in their work. An example image would make you better understand this.

Vector Art DetailedVector Art Images gives unlimited opportunities

The World Wide Web Consortium standard format or let’s just say Global standard format for Vector Art Images is Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). It ismost widely used in creating Animated Digital Art and Cartoons.

EPS, AI, CDR, VML, AMF, .MA, X3D, 3DXML, PDF, XAML and etc. are various file formats of Vector Art which provides us the ease to do much more. Like in PDF format, we can store both, pictures and text in Vector format which can easily be edited. You can create 3D Animations and other Digital Art like Animated Cartoons and etc. with great details of Facial expressions and others.abstract background also offers flawless and premium Vector Art Services. Register for free to avail get your designs converted into Vector Format.

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