Vector Design VS Raster Design

People when creating Digital Art have a choice whether to get their designs in Vector Designs or Raster Designs. Its obvious that you will also prefer a product with more features and advantages. The argument is, which one is better Vector Designs or Raster Designs.

Vector Design uses polygons, shapes and points which have their fixed position along X and Y-axes. Every point, object or shape used in the Vector Design has its fixed position and attributes like color, thickness, fill and etc. It gives Vector Images a very smooth look and a very distinct feature of utmost expansion and compression without losing the image quality.

Whereas Raster Designs are made up tiny square boxes called pixels arranged along a grid which are packed closely with each other. You can add many different attributes to a pixel. For instance, a pixel can contain only a single color. Another drawback is that raster  images do not have smooth edges, for instance if you draw a triangle in raster image and zoom it, you could see that along the line that the edges of pixel boxes popping out making it blurry and pixelated upon resizing.

Raster Art vs Vector ArtSo the answer to the question is Vector Designs. Another question that arises is that what are the advantages of Vector Art Designs over Raster Designs? So let’s find out.

 Advantages of Vector Design

  • Vector Design is resolution independent
  • Resizing does not cause pixelation of Vector Designs
  • Vector Designs can contain immense details like facial features
  • Vector Designs can be used with CAD related function of Screen Printing
  • Animated Cartoons and High Quality Digital Art is Created using Vector Art
  • Vector Designs can create alluring 3D objects
  • Vector Design is smoother then Raster Design

Vector Design Donald TrumpThese are the main reason why people prefer getting their designs in Vector Format. Register for free on to avail our flawless and cheap Vector Art Service.

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