Image Vectorize Techniques

How to Vectorize Image?

There are many easy ways of Converting Raster to Vector Image or you can get it done with for the best results at excellent price. But you might want to know the reasons of getting in this mess. There are many reasons that you might want to get your designs converted to Vector Format specially your Brand Logo.

Vector Images are Blur Free when magnified to the greatest extent. Its Image quality does not get affected upon resizing. It does not pixelate as it uses geometrical shapes with multiple attributes. It is smoother then raster images. Vector Images can also be used in Screen Printing and a lot more as compared to Raster Images. We have already mentioned a lot about Vector Images, its uses its advantages and a lot more in previous blogs.

Vectorization can be done using various software like Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and etc. but each software has different options and methods of Converting JPG to Vector.

Vectorize ImageVectorizing Technique

We are not going to go in much deep and study the general way of doing that.

For instance we are going to take Adobe Illustrator as our default Converting software. After opening the Adobe Illustrator, we have to switch our workspace to “Tracing” workspace.

Then the next thing you have to do is to open an image in the illustrator you want Convert to Vector. As your image opens in the Illustrator, its Tracing Panel will become active. You have to click the Preview Check Box in the tracing panel to explore the options and available settings.

There are many available preset options in the tracing panel, 5 in default and other in the dropdown. Which includes Auto Color, High Color, Low Color, Grayscale and Black and White.

Use the color Slider to adjust the color complexity, adjust it to the extent it best suits the image.

Next step is the Advanced Panel of Tracing Option, click to expand and then select the path slider, Low to High are different range of tracing through pixels which makes the edges clear. Other options like Corners and Noise determine the roundness and the useless pixels respectively to add more details to the image.

Click Trace when you are satisfied with the settings.. But for the complex designs, it’s more typical. Save and then use the Vector Photo as you want.

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