Advantages of Image Vectorization

Image Vectorization and its Advantages

Image Vectorization refers to the conversion so Non-Vector files into Vector Format. It can be done using any illustration software however the most frequently used software is Adobe Illustrator. As a matter of fact, Adobe Illustrator is more updated and provides a lot of ease and versatility to the designers.

Image Vectorization has a lot of Advantages but the first thing to remember is the properties of a Vector Image. Vector image are Scalable therefore it can be resized (magnified or compressed) to any size without losing its image quality. Another key point is that a Vector Image is not made up of Pixels; therefore it does not pixelate or create an edgy or blurry look upon magnification. To summarize, a Vector Image is sharper, scalable, and contain more details as compared to Raster Images. With this in mind, now we can easily identify the Advantages of Image Vectorization.

Raster to VectorAdvantages of Image Vectorization

A Vector Image can be used for Large Scale Advertisement

A single Vector Design or image can be resized for Bill Boards, Banners and Flyers. It has saved a fairly good amount as re-creation of a different sized Raster Image would be required.

Logo are mostly created in Vector Format

Having a Vector Format Logo is very helpful. You can do various things with it such as use it for Screen Printing on Promotional Stuff like Mugs and Key-Chains.

Vector Art is used to create Realistic Animated Cartoons

Vector Art Files, as we know can contain more details then a raster image. For this reason it is widely used for creating HD Digital Art.

Vector Images are very helpful for various Intuitions and Fieldworks

Vector Art is widely used in many fields like Geology, Mechanics, and by Security Agencies too. It is because of the Sharp Image quality and Precision that Vector Art provides.

In the Final Analysis we know that there are a lot of reasons and advantages of Image Vectorization. Register for free on to avail our Low Cost and Professional Vector Art Services.

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