Convert JPG to Vector: Reasons, Advantages and Important Uses

Reasons to Convert JPG to Vector

Vector Image vs Raster Image - ThumbArtsPeople often ask the question that is Vector Art better then Raster Art a.k.a JPG format images? The answer they will get is that Vector Art is better from most of the sources. So does that mean you should Convert JPG to Vector Art? To find out we should first know that what is that Vector Art offer that Raster Images can’t offer? Today we are going to explore the versatility that Vector Art offers. Let’s take a quick preview of the key features of Vector Art:

Features of Vector Art

  • Vector Art Designs are Scalable
  • Vector Art images are sharper and more detailed then Raster Images
  • You can resize Vector Art Image to infinity without losing image quality
  • Vector Files does not pixelate or blur when magnified or compressed
  • You can Transport Vector Art Files over the Internet
  • Vector Art Files can be used in Screen Printing
  • Vector Art can create HD Digital Art including Cartoons
  • You can create 3D objects using Vector Art
  • Vector Design files can store both, pictures and text (eg.PDF)
  • Vector Files can be converted to Raster Formats

These are some of the key features that Vector Art offers out of which only a few are also offered in Raster Art which are also listed below.

Features of Raster Art

  • You can create HD Images using Raster Art
  • Raster Image can be converted to Vector Image
  • Raster Images are portable over internet


In the final analysis, Raster Art Images has scalabling and pixelating problem when resized. You cannot add many details as image consist of pixels. Pixels are square in shape and contain only single color. Thus the consequence is an edgy and blurry texture upon resizing, mostly on magnification.

So now we have a lot of reasons to Convert JPG to Vector. Register for free on to avail our High Standard

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