Bitmap to Vector: Advantages and Uses

Advantages of converting Bitmap to Vector

In this blog we are going to spot a few advantages of converting Bitmap to Vector File. But at first you might want to know that why should I do that. What are the unique features that Vector offer and Bitmap does not? Why should I spend over a single dollar on converting my Bitmap Image to Vector?

vector-vs-rasterSo let’s first find out the Significant Disadvantages of Bitmap images before knowing the advantages of converting Bitmap to Vector.

Disadvantages of Bitmap Images

  • Bitmap images are made up of pixels (small square boxes) arranged on a grid. Moreover every pixel can store only a single color. Consequently curved shapes are creates an edgy look when zoomed.
  • Bitmap images cannot store many details as compared to Vector Art. Because pixels can store only single color and are square in shape, so curved geometrical shapes create an edgy look. They are not as sharp as Vector Images.
  • Bitmap Images cannot be used in screen printing as it needs to be resized according to the size of product on which you wish to impose your image.

Now let’s spot some of reasons that might want you to spend a few dollars to convert Bitmap to Vector.

Advantages of Vector Art over Bitmap Images

  • Vector Images are resolution independent, it means no matter how much you magnify or compress it, the image quality will not be lost.
  • Vector Images, by name tells us that it is somewhat related to vectors. In Vector Art, you can use any geometrical shape and each and every point have its own fixed position over x-axes and y-axes and each dot can have multiple attributes like thickness, color, and etc. allowing you to create a much detailed Digital Art.
  • Vector Art can be used in Screen Printing. For companies and brand, having Logo in Vector Format can be very beneficial as you can use it to print your Logo on promotional Stuff like Mugs, Key-chains, T-Shirts, Clocks, and etc.

I think you know why you should spend a few dollars to convert Bitmap to Vector. Brands and well reputed Companies will definitely like to convert Bitmap to Vector. Register for free on to avail our flawless and economical Vector Art Services.


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