Best Vector Format for Logo

Which Vector Format to use for your Logo?

Vector Images are available in various Vector Format but which Format you should use for your logo. Vector Images gives you endless possibilities to do a lot with your Images. There are so many available formats  of Vector Design. We will categorize them into four main categories. These formats are mostly named after their respective software and some have been named after their respective systems.

Raster Art vs Vector ArtThe four main categories of Vector File Format:

  • 2D Vector Format
  • 3D Vector Format
  • Compound Vector Format
  • Stereo Vector Format

2D Category Formats

It includes AI, CDR, GEM, HVIF, XPS, VML, WMF and etc. are the formats available for 2D Category.

3D Category Formats

It includes AMF, .DGN, .DWF, .DWG, .DXF, HSF, IGES, .MA, .MB, U3D, VRML and etc. are the formats available for 3D Category.


Category Formats

It includes EPS, PDF, SWF, XAML and etc. are the formats available for Compound Category.

Stereo Category Formats

It includes MPO, PNS, JPS and etc. are the formats available for Stereo Category.

But the question still stands there, which Vector Format best suits logo?

Logo is generally in 2D form so the most suitable and preferable format for Logo are SVG AI and CDR respectively. If you want to get your logo imposed on other promotional stuff like Mugs, Clocks, T-Shirts and etc., then you should go for SVG and AI Format with the resolution of 3ooDPI or 300PPI (Dots or Pixels Per Inch are the same thing.).

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